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Riverside Archers — Frostbite Competition 2019

With all the new archery gear we unwrapped on Christmas day and the festive food indulged in, what better way to wrap up the year than with a Frostbite Competition?

Braving the chilly temperatures to shoot some arrows, archers from clubs all around the North East wrapped up warm, except for Dave “Elsa” Leverett, whose internal body temperature regulation remains a mystery to modern science.

The cold never bothered him anyway…

Fuelled by bacon sarnies, coffee, tea, and the tempting top prize of a sparkling Frostbite-themed woolly hat, archers from Killingworth, Morpeth, Durham, Whitburn, Bowmen of Walker, and host club Riverside competed against numb fingers and toes!

Results of the Riverside Frostbite Competition 2019

Amber McLeanRiversideBBLJ U/12401011st
Ruby McLeanRiversideBBLJ U/162445241st
Jenny CuthbertsonKillingworthLBLJ U/182465821st
Dave LeverettRiversideBBGS55272341st
Paul McFadyenRiversideBBGS50072152nd
Ian NorwoodRiversideBBGS35963153rd
Steve ForemanKillingworthLBGS3897191st
Matthew ForemanKillingworthLBGS3457052nd
Brad DixonRiversideLBGS3036433rd
Anthony YoungRiversideLBGS2034744th
Peter CowieMorpethLBGSDNS
Alan Fleming MorpethLBGSDNS
Simon SykesDurhamRCGS58672471st
Jarred ThorntonWhitburnRCGS57672402nd
Spencer BlackKillingworthRCGS57472393rd
Ken StonleyRiversideRCGS50870274th
Paul MastaglioBowmen of WalkerRCGS33365115th
Brian ToddWhitburnRCGSRetiredaftertwodozen
Andy Waddle KillingworthRCGSDNS
Tracey LeverettRiversideBBLS48872181st
Caitlin LeverettRiversideBBLS42470112nd
Amy HodgettsRiversideBBLS42371123rd
Jenny LeverettRiversideBBLS4187084th
Ann ConifeyRiversideBBLS2155235th
Allison KellyRiversideBBLS1994156th
Chris MerninRiversideLBLS3336161st
Margaret FittesKillingworthLBLS2365772nd
Helen HorsleyRiversideLBLS2164843rd
Clare McGovernWhitburnRCLS52672241st
Christine CuthbertsonKillingworthRCLS43571112nd
Paula GardnerRiversideRCLS3146483rd
Yvonne MastaglioBowmen of WalkerRCLS3046654th
Catherine HallRiversideRCLS2946275th

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