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Age Categories

ArcheryGB have revised their age groups to bring them in line with World Archery.
Previously an archer’s age group was decided by the age they were on the day of the event. This was particularly a problem for Junior archers whose age group may change part way through a season and they would have to adjust to new distances for their age appropriate rounds.

Now an archer shoots in the age category decided by their year of birth. Simply put, your age group is decided by whatever age you will be on 31st December that year.
The following table will help you to understand your age group.

An archer may shoot any distance they feel comfortable with. The age groups are only used for awards and records in competition. If you wish to enter a competition at a shorter distance than your age group says, that is fine, but awards will generally only be given for those shooting the full distance for their age.

A junior may decide to shoot a further distance than the official distance for their age group, and an archer who is 50+ may choose to shoot in the Senior class. They would still be eligible for awards at competition as they are shooting a more challenging round than is required by their age group.

Classifications allow for archers shooting at distances below their age group, but to gain a classification of Bowman 1st Class or above, it will require the full distance for your age, or further. The rounds and distances accepted for classifications are shown here.

Club records are available for distances below your official age group as we like to recognise the achievements of archers at all stages of their journey.

For further information on Age Groups, see the ArcheryGB website.