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Archery Rounds

There are a multitude of rounds that you can shoot and this can often be very confusing, especially when you are a new archer. Metric, imperial, world archery, indoor, outdoor……! Let’s try to make this a bit clearer.
First off – don’t worry, things will become clearer as you go through your archery journey.

Imperial Rounds

These rounds measure the distance to the target in yards. When shooting outdoors the scoring uses the coloured rings on the target; thus 5 colours equals 5 zone scoring – white 1, black 3, blue 5, red 7 and gold 9.
Just to make things awkward the indoor imperial scoring uses a 10 zone scoring system. Each colour is divided with a thin black line, thus giving 10 scoring rings.
Some indoor rounds use different targets altogether. For example, the Worcester round uses a black and white target with 5 scoring rings. The tables below will clearly indicate all you need to know about each round.

Metric Rounds

As you may have already guessed, the distance to the target is measured in metres. Most of the targets are 10 zone scoring, from 1-10.


Target Face

Archery rounds are divided up according to which organisation developed them. So we have the following:

Archery GB Imperial Outdoor Records

[table id=2/]

Archery GB Metric Outdoor Rounds

[table id=5/]

WA (World Archery) Metric Outdoor Rounds

[table id=6/]

Archry GB Imperial and WA Indoor Rounds

[table id=7/]